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Meet Our Male Strippers

The Savage Men male strippers have the right moves to make a female crowd happy. Our seductive dance routines are performed by sculpted men to make you scream. These male strippers come from the most diverse backgrounds, including actors and fashion models.

Our Magic Mike style male strip show mixes sexy choreography with great music and unbelievable performers. Watch these chiseled men peel their costumes off while you enjoy the VIP vibe of our venues.

Bring your girls' night out to our male strip clubs and organize the ultimate bachelorette party. Some of our special packages will even give you the chance to take your special guest on stage. That is one seat upgrade your friends will surely appreciate.

Savage Men Strippers on Social Media

Nothing makes us happier than a pleased crowd. That is why we love it when our audience members share their Savage Men experience on social media. Take a look at our male strippers social media gallery and don't forget to share yours!

Post Your Pictures With our Male Strippers and Win Prizes!

Did we mention you can win awesome prizes by sharing what a great time you had? Share your Savage Men girls' night out with us and you'll get the chance to be rewarded.

Get your tickets now and visit one of our Male Strip Show venues in Atlantic City, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Florida.

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