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- Press Releases from Our Male Strip Shows -

Male strippers press reviews from bachelorette parties.

Indulge in a Night filled with Gorgeous men, Tasty cocktails and Sexy music.

Amazingly fulfilling, a virtual whirlwind of male exotic excitement! - TimeOut Magazine

Besides incredible reviews given to us by major publications, we would also like to share reviews sent in by our patrons. To us, these are the most rewarding and fulfilling as we pride ourselves on making your night a success. Each and every party is special to us for we know, for the Bachelorettes these moments only come once in a lifetime so our staff strives to make it an unforgettable night to remember.
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Here are a few recent press releases made about Savage Men.

New York Tribune
Savage Men is the Rolls-Royce of their industry. When I recently got divorced, I figured it was the best time to review this company. Let me tell you, not only did I have a pampered, classy experience but I felt like a woman again."

TimeOut Magazine
"Amazingly fulfilling, a virtual whirlwind of excitement!."

Lifestyle Today
"Well, I did not know what to expect when I went to a Savage Men show and was pretty nervous .I had never seen male strippers or as they say, a male dancer. My nerves were put to ease the moment the nicest Adonis put his hands on my shoulders. He then proceeded to give me the most relaxing lap dance and treated me like a lady. This is a treat that women should allow themselves to experience."

New York Weekly
"The location is a perfect setting for this service. The nightlife both before and after the show is great, the restaurants on 8th Ave. make this a real girls night out, with amazing parking to boot! I wish I would have been able to see every show in their European tour, I loved it my first time in Paris, then again I went in Italy. They always recruit a few Savages from the country the tour. I kind of liked that. Women should flock to this show and experience the feeling of being a princess for a night"

Village Voice
"Lions, Tigers and Savages, Oh My. A tasteful erotic thrill ride for any occassion. A must see!"

Atlantic City Times
"With thunderous beats and an amazing cast, this revue is a marvel for the ears and (yummy) eyes. A true to life sexy man Calendar that you can (squeeze) touch"

And now for a few e-mail responses from our patrons and Links to related Bachelorette Services

Jennifer Ridowski
"Wow, these male strippers in New York City really are amazing. This was my first bachelorette party in NYC but certainly not my last. The Savage Men male revue is really a lot of fun."

Cindy Stern
The male strippers here were so nice and the male strip clubs decor is amazingly elegant. I expected something a little less polished and was blown away by the cheoreographed male exotic dancer acts. These male strippers really know how to put on a wild and fun male strip show.

Meggy Stockwell
Our Bachelorette parties entertainment thoughts originally did not have male strip shows in mind but some how we wound up here and thank God we did or the bachelorette party would have been a disaster. A lot of the girls ran late but that did not matter because the bride was so preoccupied with all the exotic men running around.

Marina Morigamo
Atlantic City bachelorette parties have to see this male strip clubs show. The male dancers and striptease show is worth its wieght in gold. We loved the location and how fun the male revue was.

Marcy Cordon
We went to the NYC male strip clubs themed male strip show and had ourselves a blast. The male dancers were so hot and handsome that we could not wait to see more. Our bachelorette party loved the fact that we could stay after the show and party at the club instead of having to go out into the cold.

Kimberly Leemanson
Please send this e-mail to Charlie. He made my moms birthday. She has not been that happy in a long time. We were glad he was able to travel so far. He was also very charming and down to Earth. Please thank him for us and thank him for the picture.

Rommi Loah
We were a little curious and decided to check out the group on your web site. There they were with a bunch of other hotties. We are definately coming this weekend and were wondering, could you get us closer to the stage even though the VIP seats are already sold out? It's personal, please respond.

Elizabeth Shieffest
Lucky Chengs is the bomb! We had so much fun. There was so much to do. That place is incredible, we need a place like that in Pennsylvania. I would go every day. The drag queens were such a blast and then the male strippers, please open this place next to my house..................please!

Bridgett Stanulist
Your Atlantic City Male Revue show at the Tropicana Casino was amazing, we had such an amazing time before and after the show. There was just so much in Atlantic City to do, especially at that Casino. We tried to stay out of the Casino so we would save enough to tip out the male strippers. All the Atlantic City Male strippers were just as amazing as the male strippers we had seen at the New York City Male Revue. Keep up the Great work you sexy savages.

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