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Savage Men's popularity has sky rocketed over the past few years after one of its famous male model owners started recruiting fellow models and actors to spice up the cast. He then added all new theatrical multi dancer choreography and infused Broadway style sound, light, video and sound effects production into each striptease. His world wide travel exposure to over 58 countries and a multitude of cultures gave him insite that could only be gained through experience.

With thousands of modeling and acting gigs under his belt and an eye for detail he was just what Savage Men needed to excel in the entertainment world. He brought his new production to the major Casino brands. After a private viewing Savage Men was quickly embraced and given a contract deal to operate a weekly male strip show, something no other male revue was able to accomplish besides Chippendales and Thunder Down Under. Since then the show has been seen by millions across America. The Savages have been featured in and on many top rated publications and TV shows like America's Got Talent, Dr. OZ, The Travel Channel, Jerseylicious, The Bad Girls Clubs, The Knot, Enquirer, Mob Wives and Daily News just to name a few.

Hot Off The Press

MTV produced a show featuring the Savage Men and their success.
The Travel Channel produced a show and article featuring Savage Men as one of America's Top Male Revues.
Atlantic City Night Life Awards rated Savage Men as the Best Bachelorette Party Desination.

Come See what all the fuss is about

Below is a compilation of articles, reality shows and video that Savage Men has appeared on. We are currently trying to locate additional material that has been written and produced about the show and its cast. This section will be updated monthly.

Dr oz Savage Men on DR. oz

Jerseylicious Best Birthday Ever

Savage Men on MTV.

MTV Savages at the Jersey shore

Video Preview Show pictures & Video

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